THE CALL OF WATER (2020-2021)


Set in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the story follows Nadia the night before her childhood home is sold. High on mushrooms, she and her friends inadvertently open a portal, plunging them into the astral-plane. There, she must face The Horned One, an ancient keeper of the land and of the water. To return to her body, Nadia must come to terms with her responsibility to her homeland and the water that it protects. 


Flung into the astral-plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.

Run time: ~19 min

The Call of Water has been shown at 57 film festivals internationally and has collected 29 nominations, and 14 awards including:

About Production

This film was initially developed in K. Tone’s NYU Tisch thesis class with Professor Mary Lambert. Two days before the team was to fly out to Colorado, New York City went on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. K.Tone decided to make the film anyway as an independent. Testing, quarantining, a successful crowd-funding campaign and a much smaller crew allowed the film to be shot five months after its intended production date. The film was shot over the course of five days, entirely on the Tone’s family property and the surrounding areas where they grew up. The film’s focus on environmental consciousness encouraged the set to be a green set with compost, recycling and a completely off-the-grid and solar powered location and basecamp. K.Tone based The Horned One off of the Celtic earth/fertility god Cernunnos; the god of nature, Pan; and the Hopi Blue Kachina spirit. The two sisters Trish and Nadia are loosely based on Kaya and Siena Tone. 

About Production Design

S.Tone was the production designer and costume designer for The Call of Water. Her concept for the Production Design came from the themes in the film based on the power of nature and nature’s magic. S.Tone hoped to build a concept of magic through the beauty and intensity of the natural world, and brought that into her special design. The emphasis remained on the land and the power that it holds. S.Tone was also the head of practical effects on this project, building many of the effects by hand.




PRODUCERS – Tim Preston, Brian Plain, DM Night Maire, Kaya Tone



EDITOR –Kailey Radcliffe

MUSIC – Haiden Davis and Ryn Jorgensen


NADIA – Trinity Simpson

TRISH – Emily Bollman

HORNED ONE – Sawyer Wright

BRET – Eric Palmer

TEG – Haiden Davis

CAROLINE – Rebecca Hamner

SARAH – Tamara Jakos